– The 1736R, a multi-purpose, large capacity, floor-standing centrifuge designed for large-volume daily-working laboratories
– For up to 17,000 rpm (32,310 x g) with 6 x 50 ml tubes and 8,000 rpm(11,305 x g) with 6 x 500 ml tubes
– The short working height of 84 cm (33 inches) ensures easy loading and unloading.
– With motorized lid mechanics, only a gentle touch is sufficient to close and open the lid.
– Lid drop protection design allows easiness and safety when loading or unloading samples.
– A large assortment of rotors, buckets and adaptors support diverse applications doable with one instrument.
– Fast cooling function to 4℃ in 5 minutes for fast startup of cooled samples
– The compressor-off function when lid is open minimizes unnecessary cooling and frosting.
– Intuitive control interface with numeric input buttons allows easy setting and editing of running conditions.
– Selectable time mode of “at set SPEED” for counting running time only when reached the set speed
– A separate “PULSE” key for quick spin
– Parameters can be changed during operation.
– Key lock function helps the set parameters secured during operation.

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